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Tired of Old School recruiting?
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Good recruiting
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We do technical recruiting differently. We find employees to make your company better, not to fill an empty desk. We do the research on our end so the process is smoother on yours. We have a soft spot for the social enterprise sector because when your job makes a difference, ours does too. We're less 'used car salesman', more 'transparent partnership'. And we’ll never use the words 'dream job'. Ever.

If you’re a startup or a software engineer, we’d love to meet you.

All we do is build great teams. 


(Who doesn't want a great team?)



Recruiting-as-a-Service (RaaS) gives you control over your technical recruiting without getting bogged down in the process. With RaaS, you can build your business because we're building your team.


OK, so what exactly is RaaS?

That's what we call our special blend of contract and contingency recruiting. Here's our secret sauce.


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